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As a law firm that specialises in claims for people with mesothelioma, we have handled cases for people with mesothelioma all around the world.

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Mesothelioma claims are all we do

Our network of experienced lawyers and paralegals ensures that we can answer any question that comes our way about entitlements to compensation. Our people specialise in making claims for mesothelioma victims.

25 Years of Experience

Our principal lawyer, Rohan Atherton, has been handling asbestos claims for over 25 years. Rohan started his career working for a union-based law firm in Australia where he represented plumbers, electricians and boilermakers who had suffered injuries as a result of their exposure to asbestos. After representing two men who developed mesothelioma from the shipyards in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Rohan began acting for many clients from the UK, Australia and Canada in claims for compensation.


In 1999 Rohan was appointed as lead counsel to represent over 3,000 former UK coal miners residing in Australia and New Zealand who developed black lung and other respiratory conditions from their work in the UK mines. The British Coal Respiratory Disease Litigation is the largest class action in UK legal history and over £2.5 billion was paid to over 450,000 coal miners through the compensation scheme.


Rohan has represented asbestos claimants in Canada, Australia, the UK, USA and South Africa and has worked in an "of counsel" capacity with a major US law firm in advising them on their non-US asbestos claims.

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